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What makes Fastaire the logical choice?

  • CLEANLINESS: There have been many articles circulating in print and social media about the unhygienic nature of restroom hand dryers. And, unlike other models, our unit does not pull existing air from the restroom. Fastaire hand dryers air intake is in a plumbing chase or behind the wall. This means no bacteria or fecal material existing in the restroom will be recirculated through our hand dryers.
  • LONGEVITY:  A Fastaire hand dryer uses no heating element to warm the air. Compression and existing heat generated from the blower brushes warms the air. Heating elements are a common source of failure in hand dryers.
  • NOISE:  Fastaire hand dryers have the blower motor attached behind the restroom wall which reduces noise.
  • DURABILITY : Bleach or other caustic bases that will not rust or degrade our cast aluminum nozzle and a stainless steel push button. These two components have stood the test of time in the harshest saltwater environments—on piers and in beach restrooms.
  • VANDAL RESISTANT:  many other products on the market are prone to vandalism in the form of graffiti or physical damage. Manufactured cast aluminum nozzles are not painted or powder coated. If vandalized, our nozzle can be scuffed with a wire brush or steel wool and will look just like the day it was installed. Our unit is secured through the wall with a  1″ pipe. It is very difficult to damage or remove from wall. We have encountered units that have been smashed with a hammer and one with a fire-ax but both were still in operation.